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Remember me

Please don’t forget about me.

I think all we need is time and space. Time to think and space to breath. I’ll be here no matter what. I will not let you go. I will miss the times we talk. I will miss those sleepless nights we shared. I will miss the laughter we shared. I will miss your voice, your sweet sweet voice.

I’m not letting you go. Please, don’t let me go too. I will not give you up.

I will miss you. Yes, I will. I really will. 


I’m quite sure on what I really feel.

Now that I know what I really feel, I do not want things to change. I want it to stay this way. If we put things to the next level, I might end up hurting you, or take you for granted.

Let’s just leave things the way it is. It is better if we stay as friends. For now. I just do not know what the future holds.


Meeting you was fate. Being your friend was a choice. But falling in love with you I had no control over.

I question myself every night. Our friendship or my feelings? Should I take a risk? Should I play safe? Should I gamble? Should I make a move? Should I stay? Should I? 

I’m happy we met. I’m happy we became friends. But I have no idea that I’ll fall for you like this.

I’m caught off guard. But sweet at the same time. Yes, sweet. Sweet.


I don’t know how I feel. Or what I feel.

I think I’m confused. I don’t know. There are questions in my mind that only I can answer, but I’m having a hard time producing the answer I need. I think I need time. Time to think. Time to talk to myself.

I’m not sure about the way I feel about her. I value our friendship more than anything else. There’s a big chance that the way I feel will not be reciprocated. But yeah, I’m ready for the pain that’s coming just in case.

I don’t know what I really feel about her. I don’t know what she feels about me.

A million more questions by the end of the day.

Still don’t know how to act, don’t know what to say.”


"There’s this girl and she kinda has my heart"

This girl is pretty. I also think she’s kinda cute. She’s a little weird and cries for no reason. I think she is smart and witty. She’s a little cuter when she laughs and cutest when mad. She’s innocent. She has good sense of humor. She has that nice smile. I like that smile. I think she’s charming. I really think she’s beautiful.

I think I like this girl.


Thinking of you is easy - I do it every day. Missing you is the heartache - that never goes away.

How long does it take a person to miss that special someone? I don’t know.

It just came to me one day and suddenly, I miss her.

All I know is that I actually miss her.

I miss the times when we talk. I miss our late night conversations. I miss the times when she goes to me and tell me all about her weird doings. I miss her voice. I miss her laughter. I miss the times when I wake up and get a text message from her saying “Good Morning”. I miss the times when she was the last person I talk to. I miss it when we share stories. I miss those sleepless nights because all I do is talk to her. I miss the days when I talk to her all day long and she is the only one I talk to.

All I want to do now is talk to you. But I can’t.

In case you’re reading this, I just want you to know that I miss you.

I really miss you.

Fast forward

Dear Future Wife,

I just wanted to say Hi. I hope you’re fine right now. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re happy right now. :)

I’m not sure if we met already or what but hey, I’m right here. No need to worry. No need to be lonely or whatever. I’ll find you, you’ll find me. Someday, we’ll runaway with our hearts and our hands.

Let’s take our time and enjoy our lives. There’s no need to hurry. There’s a time for everything and there’s a reason behind it anyway. Time will come, we’ll marry each other.

Sincerely yours,

Future Husband

That feeling..

Unsaid feelings are thought to be the hardest thing in life, but having someone not to believe in your feelings is harder than the hardest thing in life.

I guess we just have to prove things. Less talk, more actions.



And it sucks to face the truth that i ain’t got no reasons too, whenever asked the simple question why i feel the way i do.”

Why do I smile while talking to you? Why do I feel lonely whenever you’re not around? Why do I feel sick whenever you talk about him? Why do I think about you all the time? Why do I like talking to you? Why do I look at your pictures every now and then? Why do I feel butterflies whenever I see you?

Why do I like you?


Searching my mind for the questions, of the answers that I seek.

It doesn’t really matter.

And they have their own reasons to feel the way they do, that’s why I ask myself what it is with you.”